LED bulbs

LED bulbs in a variety of cap fittings, colours, sizes and lumens using the latest technology for ultimate energy savings. 90% more efficient than traditional technologies and lifespan, these bulbs save money on running and replacement costs. Light emitting diodes also give clear, sharp and instant illumination.

If you want a modern, clean look, you may prefer the cleaner, brighter feel of a cool white lamp (4000K+). Cool white light contains more blue light and looks brighter to the eye (this is why cool white bulbs have a higher lumen output when compared to the equivalent warm white bulb).   It also seems people from sunnier countries tend to prefer white light compared to people from cooler countries who prefer more warm light.

LED technology has taken the world by storm and has quickly become the most popular lighting choice. Unlike traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED technology allows you to choose what colour of light we would like.

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