57 x 57mm Credit Card Machine Roll Thermal Till Rolls

PDQ Till Cash Register Receipt Thermal Paper Roll



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57 x 57mm Credit Card Machine Roll Thermal Till Rolls

Roll size : 57 x 57mm Credit Card Machine Roll Thermal Till Rolls Credit Card Machine Roll

COMPATIBLE MACHINES 57 x 57mm Credit Card Machine Roll Thermal Till Rolls

  • Able  :  Able AB-1300, Able AP-1310, Able AP-1310-DC, Able AP-1310-IR
  • Artema : Artema Thales Desktop
  • Ascom :  Ascom EFT-10P
  • Axiohm :  Axiohm A620, Axiohm TPOS
  • Barclays :   Barclays TT41, Barclays TT42
  • Bixolon :  Bixolon SRP-372, Bixolon STP/103/103DK
  • Casio  :  Casio SE S400, Casio SE-C2000MD, Casio SE-C300MD, Casio SE-C3500, Casio SE-C450, Casio SE-G1, Casio SE-S10, Casio SE-S100, Casio SE-S2000MD, Casio SE-S300, Casio SE-S3000, Casio TM-80, Casio TE-100, Casio TE-2000, Casio TKT-200, Casio TE-2200, Casio TE-2400, Casio TE-3000, Casio TE4000F, Casio TE4500F, Casio TE8000F, Casio TE8500F, Casio TE-M80, Casio TK-T500, Casio TK-T5000
  • Elite : Elite CR-102
  • Fidelity :  Fidelity CR30T
  • Fortronic :  Fortronic TT41, Fortronic TT42
  • Sharp  :  Sharp XE-107, Sharp XE-A113, Sharp XE-137, Sharp XE-A201, Sharp XE-A202 Sharp XE-A203, Sharp XE-A203B, Sharp XE-A207, Sharp XE-A212, Sharp XE-A213, Sharp XE-217, Sharp XE-A303, Sharp XE-A307, Sharp ER-A220, Sharp UP700, Sharp UP600, Sharp ER-01PU External Receipt/Journal Printer, Sharp ER-A280F, Sharp ER-A280N
  • Geller  :  Geller AX80, Geller AX-100, Geller AX-200, Geller TX-500, Geller TL-550, Geller SX-580 Geller SX-590, Geller SX-680 Geller SX-690, Geller SX-850, Geller ML-780
  • Handepay :  Handepay Ingenico TT41
  • HSBC : HSBC Cardmate XT52
  • Hypercom :  Hypercom Artema Hybrid
  • Ingenico  :  Ingenico Elite CR202, Ingenico F45, Ingenico TT41
  • JCM :  JCM Gold
  • Ocius : Ocius ECR 6700, Ocius ECR 6920F
  • Oliveti  :  Oliveti ECR-350, Olivetti ECR 5500, Olivetti ECR 5800, Olivetti ECR 6700, Olivetti ECR 6800, Olivetti ECR 6900, Olivetti ECR 6920F, Olivetti ECR 7700, Olivetti ECR 7900
  • Olympia : Olympia CM-811, Olympia CM-812
  • SAM4s  :  SAM4s ER230, SAM4s ER-230, SAM4s ER-520, SAM4s ER-940, SAM4s NR-510F
  • Samsung  :  Samsung Bixolon STP/103/103DK, Samsung CR-100, Samsung CR-120, Samsung ER-100, Samsung ER-120, Samsung ER-180T, Samsung ER-230, Samsung ER-260, Samsung ER-350, Samsung ER-380, Samsung ER-380M, Samsung ER-390M, Samsung ER-650, Samsung ER-5200, Samsung ER-5200M, Samsung ER-5215, Samsung ER-5215M, Samsung ER-5240, Samsung ER-5240M, Samsung ER-550, Samsung ER-5570, Samsung ER-7400, Samsung SER-7000, Samsung SER-7040, Samsung SPS-520, Samsung STP-103
  • Schlumberger  :  Schlumberger Magic 6000, Schlumberger Magic 6100
  • TEC : TEC MA600

  • Thales  :  Thales Artema, Thales Artema (Desktop), Thales Cardmate 2, Thales XT52
  • Toshiba  :  Toshiba FS-1535, Toshiba MA-1595, Toshiba Trust-52
  • Tysso :  Tysso PRP-058
  • Uniwell  :  Uniwell EX-570, Uniwell EX-575, Uniwell LX-5700, Uniwell LX-5750, Uniwell PX-5700, Uniwell PX-5750, Uniwell PX-6700, Uniwell PX-6750, Uniwell QX-8000
Dust-Free, No Clogging – Your PDQ machine is critical to your business – dust build-up results in poor print-quality & machine failure. Smooth Thermal Paper – for high-quality, clear printing. We send a VAT invoice out in every one of our packages.
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