1. What is PRINKTONER all about?
PRINKTONER is a leading PC maintenance, laptop repair and support firm that caters to technology-driven needs of residential and business computer users all over UK. As a qualified team of technical support experts, we optimise and maintain the health of your PC or laptop.


2. What kind of computer support services does Company Name can provide me?
PRINKTONER  is a complete hub for all your technical support needs. We can help you with PC or Laptop repair, networking needs, hardware / software support services, Virus / Malware removal and cleaning / maintenance of your PC. Our experts also offer you complete guidance for hardware / software upgrading needs, peripherals, printers, etc.


3. By what time your on-site support expert can reach at my place?
To fix your computer problems, our on-site support expert can reach your location with in four hours of the call that you made for on-site visit. Prior to sending our on-site support expert at you location we take approval from you.


4. How do I contact your support agents / executives?
You can contact our support team live on our website.


5. What is the Registered Refurbisher Program program?
This is a program that enables Microsoft to work with small and medium-sized refurbishers to license genuine software on refurbished computers for the commercial and citizenship market at a significantly reduced cost. More information about the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program is available at wwwQ.microsoftQ.com/registeredrefurb.


6. How are licenses distributed?
Licenses are provided through Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributors for commercial licenses and from the Registered Refurbisher program website for citizenship licenses.


7. Are there different types of licenses for different types of customers?
Yes. There are two types of licenses available in the Registered Refurbisher Program.Commercial licenses are available for refurbishers to supply to any type of customer. This can include end user customers who are consumers or small businesses.Citizenship licenses are available for refurbishers to supply only to Eligible Recipients. These include customer groups such as educational institutions, nonprofit charitable organizations, and other approved recipients.


8. What software is included in the Registered Refurbisher Program?
Product availability varies by type of license and geographic location. Commercial licenses are available for Windows XP Starter, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional , Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007, and Microsoft Office Basic 2007. Citizenship licenses are available for Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office Basic 2007. Program products are available in multiple languagesA.


9. Who is eligible for the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program?
Public or private and commercial or non-commercial organizations are eligible to apply for the program. Organizations should be carrying out good quality computer refurbishment for end user customers. Commercial licenses are available in a select group of countries.


10. Is there a charge to join the program?
There is no charge to join the program but there are charges to acquire the licenses to be preinstalled through the program. These vary depending on the type of product and type of license.


11. What are the benefits of the program for refurbishers?
The program provides refurbishers several benefits including: recognition and status as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, an opportunity to build additional opportunities via market differentiation, access to tools to simplify Windows deployment on refurbished PCs, and cost effective genuine Microsoft licenses for refurbished PCs. These benefits allow refurbishers to provide a hardware solution that features a genuine Windows experience.


12. How does a refurbisher become a member of the program?
There is an online application process. The process includes signing an online program agreement and providing information that can be used to assess the application. This is fully explained at the start of the application process. The program agreement can be downloaded and reviewed before the application process starts. For more information, visit wwwQ.microsoftQ.com/registeredrefurb.


13. What steps are taken to help ensure the quality of the refurbishers that participate in this program?
Microsoft confirms the validity of applications before granting a refurbisher the status of Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. Applications are reviewed by the Microsoft Anti-Piracy group. Program members are granted access through a secure portal to obtain Products Keys needed for their licenses and in some cases submit information about the PCs they supply. They are subject to audit and must meet environmental and data wiping standards specified in the program agreement. Microsoft will investigate any complaint about a Registered Refurbisher and has the option to withdraw Registered Refurbisher status at any time.


14. What type of PCs can be refurbished through the program?
The program agreement includes a definition for Qualified PCs which are allowed to be refurbished and preinstalled with a license in the program. A Qualified PC must: have been in distribution, or used by an end user, for at least 6 months, and to the best of the refurbishers knowledge, contain the original motherboard have a pre-existing Windows COA affixed (for Windows products) Refurbishers must use commercially reasonable efforts to determine whether the PC has been in distribution or used by an end user for at least 6 months.



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