Clear / Brown Packing Tape
Packing tape in brown or clear strong-bonding and adaptable with excellent performance for general use. Single sided, ideal for sealing cardboard boxes, covering or repairing packages. BOPP tapes are stretched by a machine which increases the strength and clarity of the film. Usually scissors or a knife are required for cutting. Load your packing tape into a tape dispensers so you never get your parcel tape tangled again.

These affordable pack of 6 or 72 Box Sealing Tapes are ideal for securely taping packages and casing as the strong polypropylene gives you peace of mind that items are safe.

These tape are ideal for sealing edges on boxes or parcels which will be sent in the post. As these are made out of polypropylene material, water resistant so will also aid protection from any water damage.

These buff  or clear tape are perfect to use with cardboard as it blends in with 48mm wide by a mighty 66 meter long.