80 x 80mm Till Roll Cash Register Receipt Thermal Paper Rolls

PDQ Till Cash Register Receipt Thermal Paper Roll



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80 x 80mm Till Roll Cash Register Receipt Thermal Paper Rolls

Roll size : 80 x 80mm  Till Roll Cash Register Receipt Thermal Paper Rolls

  • Aures Posligne

HSP-7000, ODP-1000, ODP-160, ODP-200, ODP-200H, ODP-500, TRP-100, TRP-100 11

  • Axiohm

A715, A716, A721, A756, A758, A793, A794, APOS Premium II, Astrium, TELESTO, TPG A760, TPG-A795

  • Bixolon

SRP-350 Plus, SRP-352 Plus, SRP-370, SRP-372, SRP-F310, SRP-F312, STP-131

  • Casio


  • Citizen

CBM1000, CBM1000 TypeII, CBM230, CBM232, CBM233, CBM253, CMB800, CT-S300, CT-S310, IDP310, IDP3210, IDP3221, IDP3310CNX 500 

  • Ellix

Ellix 20, Ellix 40

  • Epson

Epson M129B, M129C, M129H, M-T301, T301A,  TM-881,  TM-8811,  TM-88111,  TM-H5000II, TM-H6000,  TM-H6000II,  TM-L90,  TM-T20,  TM-T70, TM-T80,  TM-T85,  TM-T88,  TM-T881V, TM-T883, TM-T90

  • Fidelity

Fidelity CR2010T, CR2510T, CR715T

  • Ithaca

Ithaca 610, Ithaca 80 Series

  • Knight

Knight TL-TH13F 

  • Labau

Labau TM-200

  • Maxatec

Maxatec A794, Maxatec MT-150, Maxatec TPG A776, Maxatec TPG A795

  • Metapace

Metapace T-1,  T-2, T-3NRP 2000

  • Omron

Omron RS6500

  • Orient

Orient BTP-R580, BTP-R880NP

  • Posligne 

Posligne HSP-7000, ODP-1000, ODP-160, ODP-200H, ODP-500, TRP-100, TRP-100 II

  • Sam4s

Sam4s Ellix-20, Ellix-40, SPS-530

  • Samsung

Samsung Bixolon SRP-350, SRP-350 Plus, SRP-350G, SRP-F310, SRP-F312, SRP-R200, STP-131, SRP-350

  • Sewoo

Sewoo WPT-100 

  • Sharp

Sharp UP-800, UP-810F, UP-811F, UP-820F, UP-820N

  • Star

Star SCP 700, TSP 100, TSP 113, TSP 143, TSP 210, TSP 242, TSP 412Z, TSP 442Z, TSP 613, TSP 643, TSP 743, TSP 847, TSP-200-24 Series, TSP-400-Z, TSP-550II, TSP-552, TSP-600, TSP700, TSP-700 

  • Toshiba

Toshiba B-431, Toshiba B-443, Toshiba B-452, Toshiba B-452 HS, Toshiba FS-1455, Toshiba TRST-56, Toshiba TRST-A00, Toshiba TRST-A10, Toshiba TRST-A12, Toshiba TRST-A15

  • Tysso

Tysso PRP-08011, Tysso PRP-08111, Tysso PRP-085111, Tysso PRP80, Tysso SX 7505

  •  Uniwell

Uniwell CBM 231, Uniwell CBM 233, Uniwell CBM123, Uniwell SX 8505, Uniwell SX6750, Uniwell TP832, Uniwell TP932

Dust-Free, No Clogging – Your PDQ machine is critical to your business – dust build-up results in poor print-quality & machine failure. Smooth Thermal Paper – for high-quality, clear printing. We send a VAT invoice out in every one of our packages.
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