HP Laptop Charger 19V 2.1A 45W BlueTip 4.5x3mm

Replacement HP Laptop Charger for 15 series laptops with power cable
Output Voltage  : 19V
Current  : 2.1A
Connector Size   : 4.5*3mm
Quantity :  1  
Colour : Black


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HP Laptop Charger 19V 2.1A 45W Blue Tip 4.5x3mm 740015-001 Replacement for HP 15 series

Compatible HP Laptop/Notebook Models

Replacement HP Laptop Charger compatible for following models:

HP 14-d000, HP 14-g000, HP 14-g100, HP 14-r000, HP 14-r100, HP 14-r200, HP 14T-r000, HP 14T-r100, HP 14-y000, HP Compaq 15-h000, HP 15-d000, HP 15-d000 TouchSmart, HP 15-f000, HP 15-g000, HP 15-g000 TouchSmart, HP 15-g100, HP 15-g100 TouchSmart, HP 15-g200, HP 15-g200 TouchSmart, HP 15-h000, HP 15-r100, HP 15-r100 TouchSmart, HP 15-r200, HP 15-R200 TouchSmart, HP 15T-r000, HP 15T-r100, HP 15Z-d000, HP 15Z-g000, HP 15Z-g100, HP 210, HP 215, HP 240, HP 245, HP 250, HP 255, HP 340, HP 350, HP 355. HP 612 Tablet, HP Beats 15-p000, HP Chromebook 11, HP Chromebook 14, HP EliteBook 1020.

Compatible HP Part Numbers:

740015-001, 740015-002, 740015-003, 741727-001, 758633-001, A045R07DH, ADP-45FE.B, EPA45-19-45P, HSTTN-CA40, HSTTN-DA40, HSTTN-LA40, PA-1450-36HE .


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